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The H8 beam lines hosts the following experimental zones:

bulletPPE 138 (previously hosting NA45) layout (.gif, .plt)
                Up to this zone the beam line is completely shielded and high intensity beams can be provided.
bulletPPE 158 (also called H8A) layout
                Since the year 2003, beams with a momentum from 350 GeV/c down to 1 GeV/c can be provided here.
bulletPPE 168 (also called H8B) layout
                This area is mainly intended for the use of muon beams. Very low intensity beams of hadrons can be provided as well.

Currently the following experiments are hosted in theses areas. Presently the H8 beam line is used for tests of the LHC experiment ATLAS:

bulletPPE 138: Currently only used by ATLAS Pixel for high intensity tests, previously NA49 (suspended) and heavy ion runs
bulletPPE 158: ATLAS SCT, TRT, Liquid Argon and TileCal (combined run)
bulletPPE 168: ATLAS muon